Carl Zeiss Hologon 8/110mm 1968

The wide-angle archagonist for large format

Carl Zeiss Hologon 8/110mm 1968 front profile

The Legendary Zeiss Hologon lens for large format cameras, made as a prototype only in 1968 by Carl Zeiss for Linhof, in Compound shutter. The lens is the large version of the Hologon lens by Dr. Erhard Glatzl, the late head optician of the Carl Zeiss Photo Optik department in Oberkochen.

It is famous for its sharpness and lack of distortion. Due to the optical design the aperture is limited to ƒ8.

An unbelievable, incomparable and impressive lens - only two of these lenses are known to exist.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction