GOI Jupiter–6 2,8/180mm prototype, 1948

Soviet version of Zeiss Olympia-Sonnar

GOI Jupiter–6 2,8/180mm prototype, 1948 profile

A very unique outfit, including a GOI Jupiter-6 2.8/180m prototype lens no.48124652, GOI reflex housing prototype no.49022375 – identical copies of the Zeiss Olympia-Sonnar 2,8/18cm and Flektoskop reflex housing.

Like all other GOI–made prototypes, the lens and reflex housing are of exceptional optical and mechanical quality. Each comes with its fitted wooden case, marked with matching numbers. Pictured with a rare 1948 Kiev rangefinder camera body and two GOI prototype filters (yellow and orange) in a matching wooden case.

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction