Kiev 1948

Kiev 1948 front

Kiev made in 1948 with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2/5cm T from 1947.

While a first relocation of the Contax production line from Zeiss Ikon Dresden to Kiev in 1945 was a failure, two other production lines made by Carl Zeiss Jena were probably relocated to Kiev successfully in 1947. It seems that the „Kiev“, as it was called now, was a mixture of „Jena“ and „Dresden“ shaped parts from the start, as it can be seen in this example. Some important parts of this camera no. 481687 from 1948 are shaped just like Dresden parts, as the scales of the helicoid and the frame counter, the film plane casting, the main body casting and the accessory shoe, while other important parts are shaped like „Jena“ parts, as the four screws that hold the film plane casting in place (fine thread! not the coarse thread as in a „Dresden“ camera) and specially the rangefinder optics (the rangefinder of no. 481687 uses a „Jena“ type semi-silvered beam splitter, while in a Dresden camera or a later Kiev from 1950 on it would contain a „green tint“ gold-plated beam splitter). In later 1948 and 1949 the „Jena“ parts were gradually omitted during production in favor of „Dresden“ shaped parts. All in all this camera is an interesting document of the Kiev history in beautiful pristine condition.

Expertise by Dr.Milos Mladek.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction