KMZ “Fed—Zorki” 1948

Jupiter “Zeiss—Krasnogorsk” 2/5cm

KMZ Fed Zorki rangefinder film camera, 1948

Rare and early Fed-Zorki Serial No. 02354 of 1948 was the first camera to bear the name “Zorki” (The Sharp-sighted), it was produced in Moscow by KMZ in cooperation with FED in 1948, special “rice grain texture” vulkanite covering, with rare collapsible 1948 Z.K (Zeiss Krasnogorsk) 2/5cm no.001094 (made partially with Zeiss parts)

Almost half of the “FED-Zorki” (1948) cameras come with 1/1000s shutter speed, which was replaced by regular 1/500s shutter speed later in 1948—but this particular camera got lucky—notice the 1/1000s on the shutter speed dial.

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction