KMZ Horizon medium format 6x12cm “prototype” 1980

KMZ Horizon medium format 6x12cm “Prototype” camera, 1980

Prototype camera for panoramic photography made by KMZ, Moscow. The camera is a research model for roll film 120, using parts of the 24x58mm Horizon model. The camera is big and heavy (160 x 112 x 80/120 mm, 1.320 gr), the brown anodized body structure was made from solid aluminum, the wing-like back doors are aluminum sheet metal and chrome plated brass. Negative format is 55x130mm. Single speed shutter. Fixed focus Contessa-Nettel Doppel-Anastigmat Teronar ƒ5,4/7,5cm no.396880, the diaphragm is adjusted by turning the inner ring of the rotating dial next to the finder. The detachable finder with built-in level is a modified series model from the original Horizon, with a taller finder base and a sliding shoe added to it. Film transport and shutter tension is done by turning the wheel next to the release, watching the numbers behind the red window in the camera back (no frame counter). The mechanism of the rotating drum runs, but is a little sticky. The camera is a well made prototype that must have been made well before the later 6x13 model 205PC.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction