Leica I Mod. A “Calfskin” 1931

Leica I Mod. A “Calfskin” 35mm film rangefinder camera 1931

Very rare and absolutely original Leica Model C with calfskin body covering. According to Hahne, only 180 examples of the calfskin Leicas have been produced in 1930/31.

Many of these have been later replaced during restoration by Leitz with regular Vulkanite, when the genuine leather was worn off, and today, the number of original calfskin Leicas is very low.

Camera no.67074 with 11'o clock nickel Elmar 3,5/50mm is listed in Hahne list as a calfskin Leica and it has been delivered to Vienna on 20.10.1931 under the LEANEKALB code name.

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction