Leica I Mod. A camea, Elmar ƒ3,5/5cm “close focus” lens, 1926

Leica I Mod. A camera, Elmar ƒ3,5/5cm “Close-Focus” lense, 1926

This is the real Leica camera, folks! If you like the smell of fixer and authentic handling, step no further. A rare, early close-focus Leica I Mod. A Elmar 1:3,5/5cm (close focus Elmar is just a little bit more valuable than the regular Elmar), with all details of this period: feathered arrows on knobs, mushroom release, in feet, matching baseplate engraved 'open-close', early leather covering, with very rare leather case ETTEL, inside stamped 'Leitz'.

Load some film in it, and you are game! No batteries required but You ought to know how to really shoot a real camera.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction