Leica Ic Non Standard camera outfit 1930

Leica Ic Non Standard camera Outfit, 1930

Very rare and complete Leica model C non standard set in very good original condition, containing body with 13.5 cm swing-in mask and three matching lenses Elmar 3.5 cm f/3.5, 5 cm f/3.5 and 13.5 cm f/4.5. Complete with matching first version VISOR “torpedo” finder, filters and close-up lenses in original fitted case. The outfit was delivered on 1. January 1931 to Ernst Leitz, New York with the code “LESAM“ (means: camera with three Elmar lenses in feet with leather case).

The Leica model C “non standard” was the first Leica camera with interchangeable lens mount. The flange focal distance was not standardized at that time, so lenses needed to be individually configured for each camera body. The lenses were each marked with a three-digit number which repeated the last three digits of the camera serial number, for identification. A further detail to be found on this version is the “swinging” viewfinder mask for the 135 mm field.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction