Leica II Mod. D “Luxus” 1932

Leica II Mod. D “Luxus” camera, 1932

This gold-plated Leica model D with brown waran reptile body-cover is the last Leica ‘Luxus’ ever produced, in absolutely original condition. With matching gold-plated 5cm Elmar f/3.5 lens no. 144963 and gold-plated cap.
The camera was delivered as “Lykup Luxus” in 1932, October 27 to BAKI & FILS in Tirana, Albania.

The discovery of this, up to date, unknown camera is a sensation. It was found many many years ago at the flee market in France and since then it was in a private collection. The owner just recently discovered  to have a genuine “Luxus” in untouched original condition. It is not only the very last “Luxus” camera produced, it is also one of only four of which as Leica model D with built-in rangefinder and interchangeable lenses.

In 1929, the price of the original gold-plated Leica “Luxus” with lizard-skin body-cover was twice the price of a regular version. By 1933, Leica production – in total – had already reached more than 100,000 cameras.

On the other hand, less than 100 gold-plated Leica cameras were completed between 1929 and 1933.
Today the original “Luxus” Leica is one of the most desirable and rare Leica cameras ever.

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Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction