Leica Canada IIIf Midland outfit 1953

Leica IIIf Midland outfit, 1953

In 1952 Guenther Leitz founded the Leitz works in Midland, Ontario (Canada). What was first planned as a plant for the assembly of cameras and lenses from Wetzlar production parts for the U.S. american market, soon turned into a high-tech center with its own research and development department.

Particularly worth mentioning is the Canadian Leitz lens design department under Dr. Walter Mandler. In total, at the Canadian plant more than 5.000 units of the Leica IIIf were produced, but only about 200 specimens carry the “Canada“ engraving.

Very rare Leica IIIf body with self timer in perfect, original condition, top plate engraved “Ernst Leitz Canada Limited Midland Ontario“, with Midland Summarit ƒ1.5/5 cm no. 1246561 (N.Y. orange filter, cap). Including matching Midland SOOZI Summicron ƒ2/9 cm no. 1580092 in near mint condition.

Literature: Compare Lager Vol. I p. 69 for camera Nr. 684768.