Leica M1 olive Bundeseigentum 1961

Leica M1 olive Bundeswehr Bundeseigentum military camera 1961 top view

Fully original, early-type West German Army (Bundeswehr) olive green Leica M1, engraved “Bundeseigentum 12-129-7739”, rare version with “5+13,5cm” engraving near the eyepiece (the camera with consecutive number 980467 can be seen in Lager I “Cameras” on page 219), with MP top plate (only 75 of these cameras were produced and delivered to Wilhelmshaven in 1961), in excellent condition, with original green Vulkanite with coarse pattern (only found on these early M1 cameras), with matching Elmar 3.5/5cm no.1335755 engraved “Bundeseigentum 12-121-5419”, green ever-ready leather case stamped “Bundeseigentum 12-121-5423”.

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction