Leica MP John Botte, 1997

One of a kind, stunningly impressive Leica MP, engraved after a design from John Botte. The brass engraving took more than 2 years to be completed and the craftsman, the famous Sam Alfano, told Mr. Botte about his decision to never do another one during his life span. His name "Alfano" is engraved on the top plate next to the serial number. The related parts have been submitted directly from the Leitz factory to John Botte. After finishing, the camera was most of the time on display at the Leica Store Miami. This Leica MP is truly, what we would call "one of a kind" and among the finest collector pieces in the world.

(John Botte is a former NYPD detective and lifelong photographer. He is best known for his body of work capturing the days following the September 11, 2001 attacks. His privileged position as a first responder and experienced detective gave him the access that allowed him to create images that are profound and masterly compositions of a pivotal moment in history.)

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction