Leica Standard “Snapshot Elmar” camera, 1937

Leica Standard “Snapshot Elmar” camera, 1937
Leica Standard “Snapshot Elmar” camera, 1937 — Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica

The “snapshot” Elmar was announced under catalogue code ELROO in the June 1935 Leitz leaflet The Interchangeable Leica Lenses and described as follows: “The snapshot lens Leitz Elmar 1:4,5/3,5cm was especially designed for the Standard Leica (model E) and is not RF-coupled [...] The lens has click-stopped focus points of 1.75, 3 and 10 meters and infinity.” A red insert sheet points out that the lens cannot be delivered “at this time”. In fact, the snapshot

Elmar never went into commercial production. A complete specimen is preserved at the Leica Camera AG Factory Museum. A handful of other examples are known to exist worldwide.

The lens offered here was surely re-plated in nickel finish at a later date and shows practically no signs of use today. With clean optics, on matching Leica model E with built-in wide angle finder in black-paint finish with nickel fittings.

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