Leitz Moment Camera 1907

Leitz Moment Large Format Camera, 1907

Large format 13 x 18 cm folding plate camera produced by Kruegener, Frankfurt and
sold by Leitz, with E. Leitz Wetzlar 6/18 cm Summar lens in brass/nickel,
Bausch & Lomb shutter, red leather bellows, nickel focusing panel engraved ‘Summar 180 mm’, with Russian dealer’s plaque. In very fine condition.

During the early 1900s Ernst Leitz had embarked on manufacturing a range of photographic lenses. He soon decided on a separate undertaking: the marketing of a range of plate cameras. Leitz bought the cameras (produced
by Kruegener, Hüttig and later by ICA) and sold them under their own code names (Klapp and Moment Kamera) and fitted with their own lenses (Summar
and Periplan). Only very few of these cameras survived; production was very limited and not very successful.

LITERATURE Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck (ed.), Leica, a History illustrating every Model and Accessory, p. 1-24, showing a camera with focal-plane shutter.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction