Olympus M1 black paint 1972

The original compact SLR revolutionary

Olympus M1 SLR camera 1972

Rare Olympus M1 in black paint, engraved: “SAMPLE” on the rear of top plate, Olympus M-System Zuiko 1.2/55mm

Designed by a team led by Yoshihisa Maitani and originally branded as M1, then Leica contested the name M1, as their flagship rangefinder cameras are known as the M Series, which forced Olympus to rename the Olympus M1 to Olympus OM-1 to further clarify between the brands. Because of this, today bodies and lenses with the original M name are rare (52000 bodies were made according to Olympus) and sought after by collectors.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction