Editors' Picks

VOOMP II Pioneer, 1934

VOOMP II Pioneer, 1934

Very rare beautifully made Russian Leica II copy by VOOMP (Union of Optico Mechanical Factories). The camera was designed by Mr. Muratov in 1933 and only very few of them survived. With nickel VOOMP Experimental Factory 3.5/50mm no.572, a Tessar copy in 40mm thread mount.

Tomioka Kogaku Tokyo camera Lausar ƒ4,5/5cm, 1937

Tomioka Kogaku Tokyo Lausar, 1937

Extremely rare Tomioka Kogaku Tokyo Lausar Japanese camera for 3x4cm exposures on 127 rollfilm, with interchangeable Lausar 4.5/5cm in collapsible focusing mount, focal plane shutter (not operable), dodecagonal metal body with leather covering, with original black painted cap and ever-ready case, it is mainly known…