Walker Evans Rolleiflex outfit 1959–1970

Walker Evans Rolleiflex outfit 1959–1970 all 3

Walker Evans used these three cameras until late 1973 when he began to use a Polaroid SX-70 almost exclusively. Though he continued to use other cameras, the Rolleiflexes were the cameras he used most often, both for his work for magazines and personal work. He updated his equipment over the years; the three Rolleiflex cameras were among the last ones he owned.

This unique Rolleiflex outfit will be auctioned at the Leitz Photographica Auction №38 on 12 June 2021 in Vienna, Austria

Also included in this lot is a signed vintage 11×14" print by Marcia Due, showing Walker Evans with a Rolleiflex camera (Virginia, 1973). An Exhibition Booklet signed by Evans, warranty card from 1959 filled by Evans and mentioning the offered Rolleiflex E.

Provenance: a personal and professional assistant of Mr. Evans who received these cameras as a gift.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction