Widelux F8, 1991

Panoramic 35mm film camera

Widelux F8 24x59mm panoramic 35mm film camera, 1991

Fully mechanical swing-lens panoramic 35mm film camera, made in 1991 by Panon Camera Shoko Co., Ltd. Tokyo Japan.

Widelux F8 exposes a 140 degree 24mm x 59mm panoramic view photographs on 35mm film wound around a cylindrical film gate, through a slit as the lens pivots on a horizontal arc, which allows for some distortion effects and color shifts that are not available with straight focal plane film cameras.

  • Frame size: 24x59mm (21 pictures with 36 exposures film)
  • Angle of view: 140º(diagonal), 126º(horizontal), 55º(vertical)
  • Focus: fixed, 5m to infinity
  • Viewfinder coverage: 90%

Photo credit: © Leitz Photographica Auction