Analog Forever – Edition 2, Summer 2020

Film Photography Magazine

Analog Forever – Film Photography Magazine – Edition 2, Summer 2020

Analog Forever Magazine's second print publication, a 154–page journal featuring 10 analog and experimental photographers from around the globe – from Europe and Great Britain to the USA and Japan – each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways.


Nika De Carlo dives deep into the emotional trenches of her and her partner’s war on addiction, recovery, trauma, and healing as she discusses her intimate and brutally honest documentary project and visual diary “See You In Heaven”. Although the subject matter presented is graphic, the tenderness held within makes you wonder how two people could be together and yet completely alone at the same time.

Sarah Christianson discusses her investigations into the effects of oil drilling and fracking operations in her home state of North Dakota. A deeply personal matter, Sarah’s own family is included in receiving the prosperity that comes with this latest oil boom, while simultaneously wrestling with the knowledge of damage caused by these operations. This examination of the landscape and the scars left behind begs the question, “what will be left for future generations?”

Jenny Sampson’s series “Skate Girls” discusses the rich culture of female skateboarders using the wet plate collodion process to display the endless camaraderie, openness, and creativity between the “Skate Like a Girl” movement that embraces and makes you wonder, is this truly “rebellion”?

Michael Kenna converses with us about his 46+ career as a photographer that started with humble beginnings as a young boy in the north of England that, driven by hard work and dedication, has led him to becoming a world-renowned master printmaker and photographer. His unique and meticulous style caught the attention of gallerists and collectors worldwide and his work has been shown in over four hundred and fifty one-person gallery and museum exhibitions and is now included in over a hundred permanent institutional collections.

Featured artists

Diana Bloomfield’s folded and bound book masterpieces created from cyanotype and gum bichromate processes; Liz Albert’s series “Family Fictions” which redefine and reconcile our individual conflicts between expressing our desires and fulfilling social and familial norms with paired slides from the 60’s and 70’s; Yukimi Akiba’s multimedia instant film embroidery work that literally stitches her response to the societal and cultural pressures of beauty, sexuality, and femininity; Ashly Stohl’s series “Charth Vader”, a collection of black and white images that shows a young person’s journey through difficulties and a mom’s true love that will take you on a trip of imagination, emotions and memories that are sure to leave you with a smile; Luca Tombolini’s series “Vistas” that artistically explores the scientific idea of space, time, and relativity by asking viewers to consider the perception of their place in the universe via the combination of long and multiple exposure landscapes and cameraless microscapes; and Stig Marlon Weston, who by using various camera–less techniques, creates surreal prints and installations representing the ephemeral nature of the outside world.

Magazine Specifications:

  • 8" x 10”
  • 125+ pages
  • 200+ Images
  • Super Smooth Uncoated 176gsm Paper
  • Soft Touch Matte Laminate Cover
  • Perfect Bound
  • ISBN: 978-1-7341517-1-8

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