Analog Forever – Edition 4, Summer 2021

Film Photography Magazine

Analog Forever – Film Photography Magazine – Edition 4, Summer 2021

Analog Forever – Edition 4 will embark readers on a photographic journey around the world through the eyes of nine different artists. Through this publication, you will be transported from the artists’ private and commercial studios, experimenting with both their lives and chemistry to the streets of North Philadelphia, where we are presented with a nuanced visual portrait of urban socio-economic realities. On your way, you will witness someone harnessing the destructive power of the sun to create unique large format images before you are transported to de-contextualized cinematic scenes that leave you with only your imagination. You will have the opportunity to explore the minds and collections of abstract, experimental, documentary, and landscape photographers that are as unique as they are brilliant.


Interview: Joseph R. Webb – “Greater Philadelphia”

Joseph Webb’s series, Greater Philadelphia, is a documentary project that achieves more than cold documentary reporting. He has created a nuanced visual portrait of North Philadelphia neighborhoods by bringing together different approaches to documentary photography, including portraiture to landscape. His approach utilizes familiar pictorial elements to create images that strive to be beautiful at a superficial level while simultaneously making it easier to introduce the complex subject matter to viewers. This interview captures his personal story and motivations for how these photographs came to be.

Interview: Chris McCaw – “The Blazing Landscape”

Chris McCaw is a documentarian of time, making images which trace the rise and fall of the sun in our sky as our planet rotates and shifts. By exposing vintage gelatin silver paper directly in his large format cameras, each image he creates is a unique expression of the physics of light and optics as defined by the landscape and the seasons. As the sun blazes its path through the sky the intensity of its rays through the lens burns a path through the paper, and the image tones shift in a play of positive and negative. In harnessing the destructive power of our nearest star he constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible to capture with photographic materials.

Interview: David Michael Kennedy – “Portraits + Platinum”

As a master photographer and printer, David Michael Kennedy’s career spans over five decades of analog photography and technique. In this informative and entertaining interview, we catch glimpses of his life ranging from his unusual start in the arts, to photographing some of the world's most famous musicians and personalities, to the wide-open landscapes, dramatic skies, and people of New Mexico and beyond. Coupling these talents with his expertise as a platinum/palladium printer, we examine a photographer, educator, and printer of the highest order. If you’re not careful, you just may learn something from one of the countries most prolific and friendly image-makers.

Feature: Mateusz Zurowski – “The Cinematic Unknown”

Mateusz Żurowski is a photographer who has the unique ability to create captivating single-frame cinematic narratives that bend our ideas of traditional portraiture. Each of his photographic screenplays focuses on the mysterious moments found within the unspoken seconds leading up to and after climactic events in each character’s story. With no beginning and no end, the de-contextualized universes he imagines and presents to us range from the embellished memories of steamy lovemaking in the front seat of our cars, the quiet doubt of post-marriage decision making, to science-fiction-like memories of grotesque crimes we thought of but never actually committed.

Feature: Marky Kauffmann – “Prayer Pieces and Prayer Images”

On paper, Marky Kauffmann is a fine art photographer, educator, and curator. To us, she is someone who has embraced the importance of gaining audiences for women’s art and, by extension, their ideas. Personally breaking through the affluent sexism of the middle century she was raised in, she has used her art as a way to find her voice and share with others that you can be as loud as you want through photography! Her series Prayer Pieces and Prayer Images take us on a peaceful yet chaotic journey through landscapes captured in the wild and transformed into magical realism pieces in the darkroom that present beautiful images and speak loud truths.

Feature: R.J. Kern – “The Best of the Best”

R.J. Kern is an American photographic artist whose work explores ideas of home, ancestry, and the sense of place. We are featuring his body of work, The Best of the Best, that documents the judging of animal contests looking for supreme champions of domesticated species in a portrait setting. Using a hybrid process that combines both digital and 19th century salt printing techniques into one final unique print, Kern connects photography’s past, present, and future between the sharpness of the digital approach and the soft, subtle tones of salt printing.

Feature: Olivier Du Tré – “Deep Cuts”

A Belgian-born, modern-day master behind a large format camera, Olivier Du Tré has been documenting the landscape surrounding the Canadian Rockies for many years. From this time comes his eye-opening body of work, Deep Cuts, a black and white survey that exposes the commercial logging operations taking place in the land he has made his permanent home. A collection both stunning and upsetting, Du Tré provides an unflinching eye towards conservation and the environment in this very personal and dramatic work.

Feature: Vanessa Leroy – “there's a place i want to take you”

Vanessa Leroy is an emerging photographer from Waltham, Massachusetts, a young woman beginning her career with a splash, having been featured by The Washington Post and NPR before she's even finished her college studies. She is greatly inspired by the narrative power of photography and how it can be utilized to tell the stories of those people who have been traditionally marginalized in the art world. Her photographic book “there's a place i want to take you” is an exercise in self-exploration in which she interweaves remembrances of the past to navigate her personal growth.

Feature: Galina Kurlat – “In Search of Art Through Uncertainty”

In the midst of a global pandemic, Galina Kurlat went in search of art and a creative outlet using elements that were intensely personal and a process that was available to her at this time. Abstract, surreal, curious, and beautiful were the words that came to my mind when I first saw this series. In some ways, I am reminded of the artist Mark Rothko and the soft combinations of colors and abstract expressionism. And yet, Kurlat’s work is completely different in her approach to creating and is at once both art and science. It seems that sometimes the most severe of limitations create opportunity for creating new visions and unique perspectives. Proof that beauty is not only found but also can be created in unique and unusual ways.

This edition is a tantalizing mix of alternative process masters, emerging photojournalists, and brilliant studio photographers that all bring the undying spirit of analog and film photography to our doorstep with their outstanding dedication to their craft.

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