Kodachrome Print Magazine Issue 1, 2017

Creative emotions

Kodachrome Print Magazine Issue One 2017

Kodak presents a brand new journal for anyone who loves art, film and analog culture. Conceived by Kodak, but about so much more than Kodak – be it writing, sculpture, music, graphics, or all manner of delights in between. Each issue, we bring you stories and conversations from around the globe that showcase our shared fascination with creation, craft and inspiration. Some will be names you know and others will be names you’ll want to get to know better.

Issue 01, a limited edition run created in winter 2017, is 76 pages of illuminating features, photography and illustration including:

  • Chloë Sevigny on film, felines, shooting fairytales and taking the director’s chair
  • Isaac Julien on the virtue of film for inspiring, making and preserving art
  • Tad Carpenter on the power of the pencil
  • Max McSimov on the beautiful truth behind folk songs – with the help of his Super 8
  • Print is Dead is Dead: why independent magazine culture is booming
  • The Hepworths: one of Europe’s most iconic art family dynasties laid bare
  • Lost in Color: why the light, bright world of yellow is a lot murkier than it seems
  • Music to Your Eyes: how gig posters bring out a designer’s most creative side