Nikon SP black paint outfit “Al Satterwhite” 1958

Nikon SP black paint outfit “Al Satterwhite“ 1958

Impressive Nikon outfit, used and owned by world renowned photographer Al Satterwhite, with Nikon SP black paint body (clear finder and in fully working order), with motor plate, black paint motor drive, proper brown battery pack with black cable, separate regular base plate, Nikon film cassette, incl. set of 8 lenses:

  • Nikkor N-C 1.1/5cm
  • Nikkor S-C 1.4/5cm
  • Nikkor H 2/5cm
  • W-Nikkor-C 4/2.5cm
  • W-Nikkor-C black 3.5/2.8cm
  • W-Nikkor-C black 2.5/3.5cm
  • W-Nikkor-C 1.8/3.5cm
  • Nikkor-P C 2/8.5cm black

a very impressive ensemble, incl. original 35x28cm print signed by Mr. Satterwhite

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction