Cosina CX-2

The Archetype of a cult classic compact camera

Cosina CX-2 compact 35mm film camera

The legendary camera wizards Cosina from Japan with their flipping front Cosina CX-2 inspired the Soviet Union's  LOMO in the early 1980's to produce the cult classic Lomo LC-A 35mm film camera, which gave birth to the Lomography movement in the mid 1990's, promoting spontaneous creativity above technical perfection.

Cosina's CX-2 specifications are similar to those of other compact cameras from the same era—fully automatic exposure and simple yet practical zone focusing lever, allows you to concentrate on choosing subject and composing the shot, without the need to fiddle with unnecessary camera settings.
The highly original, rotating camera front protects the lens and viewfinder from dust and scratches when not in use, as well as switching the power off, effectively encasing the camera as a solid compact unit.

CX-2 sports a fast Cosinon 2,8/35mm wide-angle lens, pretty useful focal length for street, portrait or even landscape photography with focusing range from 0.9m to infinity, and while there is no manual override like on the original Lomo LC-A, the Cosina CX-2 auto-exposure system can handle times from 2secs at f/2,8 to 1/500th at f/16, covering most practical conditions, film speed can be set from 25 to 400 with the little wheel left from the viewfinder. The synchronized hot shoe and 8 sec. delay self timer are nice features to have for such compact camera.